Just Peachy!

This summer if you are on you are on I-65 on your way to the beach.  how about making a sweet stop in peach country. Chilton county, located in Clanton Alabama, offers the best farm fresh peaches with different varieties to choose from. I live in Alabama and I have passed this exit on I-65, exit 205 to be exact, several times… So how come I’ve never made a stop in peach heaven? I’m just gonna leave that question right there. Every year during the last week of June, the Clanton Lions club host a peach festival. It is a week long event that includes a pageant, parade and other activities. If for some reason you miss the peach festival, you can stop by Clanton all summer long and enjoy these delicious sweet peaches and other fruits and vegetables at the local farms or at Peach Park. Peach Park is similar to a farmers market. It features a fruit and vegetable stand, homemade peach ice cream, cobblers, fried fruit pies, bbq and a gift shop. I had you at fried pies.. I know!



Locally grown peaches


Fresh fruits and vegetables


Peach preserves and peach sauces


Homemade peach ice cream


Berry cobbler

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